Melancomedy Presents // Between Two Ghosts

MELANCOMEDY // Between Two Ghosts

Comedy/drama about a man's struggle to live a worthwhile life after his long-term partner leaves him.

This is act one of a long term film project of mine where we tell the full story of a man attempting to pursure a life without the love who's departed. In many ways this began as a biographic piece about the heartbreak suffered by the lead writer / actor Andrew McBurney. After 9 years, his long term girlfriend moved out of their shared flat and he went through a period of self destruction. Out of the ashes of this was born a love for writing comedy and, after a period of a few years apart, we spoke on the phone for hours about how we could film some of his comedy idea's. This was one of the first project we talked about.

What did I do ... ?

I directed, produced, shot, lit, editing, graded and was responsible for the VFX.


Budget ... ?

We had no budget at all on this project. The flat, props, clothes, lights and any grip were all given to us for free and we shot over about 5 weekends to get the shoot complete.


When do we film Act 2?

Act two is currently being written and we will be filming both Act 2 and Act 3 at the beginning of 2017. I can't wait!