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A little about me and how to get in touch.

My name is Jody Whittle

I was born in the Midlands, but I am now based in Central London. I have been obsessed with photography and video motion for my entire life. From movie nights with my father, to stealing away my mother's SLR camera as a child, and using up the expensive film to photograph insects, I have been compelled to document life around me for fear of my memory failing. This evolved into a creative outlet and meaningful way for me to express myself, and is now how I make my living.

In the past few years. I have traveled a great deal with my camera. I've spent a lot of time in Europe and the Czech Republic, as well as New York City and California, pursuing a long term personal portraiture project. I'm also a drag-queen piano player in my spare time.



in 2011, my comrades and I won the LICC (London International Creatives Competition) for our work with Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic short story 'The Possibility of Intelligent Life on Another World' - a link to this work can be found on my portfolio here.

I won Best Cinematographer for a UK Short Movie in the London New Renaissance Film Festival 2016 and a link to the work can be found on my portfolio here.

Get in touch

I am open to artistic commissions, event coverage, music videos and motion picture work. If you have a project that i might be suitable for, drop me a message and lets talk about it.

Instagram: @FotoWhittle
Twitter: @jodywhittle
Phone: +44 (0) 7889 859 772
Email: contact@jodywhittle.com

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