Dutch Uncles // In & Out

Dutch Uncles // In & Out

After taking a few shots at the Dutch Uncles gig in Birmingham's HMV Institute, I was asked if I would be interested in getting involved with a music video for the first single from their upcoming album 'Oh Shudder' and, of course, a said yes... yes I would... :)

Inspired by the movie Under The Skin

What did I do ... ?

I wrote the majority of the treatment, scheduled the shoot, directed, lit, shot, edited, graded and encoded it within a 3 week period. The edit was locked at 1am with the final deadline to the label being 10am with a grade still yet to complete. I was working until 7am.

On set atmosphere was gret

What did I learn ... ?

The process was exhausting and although I did get wonderful support from my small production team, doing the entire thing on my own was deeply challenging. The final grade could be better and I wish I had more time to have refined this part of it.

The vide was shot on the BMP4K

Music videos ... ?

I have quickly recognised that, to produce and music video properly, there is an underestimated amount of commitment. If I don't like the track, it would be impossible. The fact that I loved this track and the band was a gift!