Melancomedy Presents // The Box


A short satirical movie about England's political approach to the 2014 Scottish referendum for independence.

Broadcasting from a secret, underground, military bunker, this political broadcast is aimed at the Scottish populace and seeks to persuade them to remain in the UK by informing them of a device simply known as 'The Box' - a device developed and maintained on English soil, that modulates the vocal communication for all of the UK.

Green screen comp (above) / CGI comp (below)

Green screen comp (above) / CGI comp (below)


More than any other project I've worked on to date, this short movie required the most post production. The thing hung on the representation of the 'bunker' - that had to be right. We spent a little time hunting for locations that may be suitable, but on a micro budget of about £300, it became clear we were going to have to become quite resourceful. We initially considered having the bunker transmission as audio only. This would have been a real compromise though as we were really set on the idea of seeing some sort of military facility in the background. I set to a little 3D modelling in Cinema 4D and we ended up rendering the wrong background with Andrew McBurney filmed against a green screen backdrop.  


What did I do ... ?

I was co-writer, co-director, producer, camera operator, DP, editor, VFX supervisor & technician, graded and encoded for final export.