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Melancomedy Presents // LOWIT


Lowit is a short film that was written by myself and the stand up comedian Andrew McBurney and shot for the purposes of beginning an on screen relationship with a few characters that we wanted to develop into a feature film at a later stage. Andrew plays a man so heart broken from a recent break up, that he has begun to hallucinate an army of her where ever he goes. In this short, a local bully looks into the eyes of this pathetic character and see's a look he cannot define.


The cast and crew were all friends and with the exception of Danny Rowe, who played the weight lifting hard-man, I was the only video professional on set. This was initially flagged as a potential issue, but I'm proud to say it wasn't at all. The atmosphere was warm and totally fun. As we were filming, we ended up gathering a small audience from the surrounding houses. There was one little boy who sat and watched the whole production from start to finish - he can't have been older than 11 or 12 (and was without shoes and socks the whole time, which was a little weird).

One of the interesting aspects of this shoot from the cinematography perspective, is that it was lit entirely by present practical sources. Our primary key was a weird light-panel advert that stood in front of the shop shutters. This was one of the reasons we chose this location. I took my Canon 5D mk 3 and a few crew members to shot a quick test. 

Before grade and VFX composite (above). After grade and VFX composite (below)

What did I do ... ?

For this short I co-wrote the script, scheduled the shoot, directed, shot, edited, digitally composited, graded and encoded for the web. I even designed the costume of Anna and selected the wig, the red-haired phantom girlfriend.

Jack Kirwan (photo taken by Gavin Wallace)

Andrew McBurney  (photo taken by   Gavin Wallace  )

Andrew McBurney (photo taken by Gavin Wallace)