Melancomedy Presents



Movie poster

Melancomedy, was a film / art project that I was involved in with a few close friends of mine and I may yet return to it. The word comes from two separate words - 'Melancholia' and 'Comedy'. 

This was a photographic composite for the front cover 'act one' of a movie called Between Two Ghosts - the story of a man so heartbroken by the recent break-up of a relationship, that he has started hallucinating hundreds of copies of his ex-girlfriend everywhere he goes. 


Andy alone

The only version of Anna (ex-girlfriend) that is actually sat with Andrew in the first photograph, is the version that is reaching across to the carton of popcorn. Every other Anna was photographed separately, in each seat in the cinema, which was complety empty.


lights & camera

This was shot in a cinema in a shopping centre local to Stourbridge. The owner kindly let us into the complex for a few hours before the cinema opened to the public, which gave us enough time to get ever seat filled with Andy's phantom ex-girlfriend