Flamingo Flame

The black tablaeu


Final editorial composite

I have always been a big fan or horror movies and specifically revenge movies. I was always a sunny child. For this piece, Greg Haynes, a local musical artist I had aways admired, gave me the title 'The Black Tableau' to work with and I decided on a birds eye view of this awful scenario of electrocution.


ep cover art

I also designed the artwork for the cover of Flamingo Flames first EP. Greg (Flamingo Flame) wanted the artwork to draw heavy inspiration from album artwork popularised in the 1980's. 


Behind the scenes

The difficulty with photographing someone in a bathtub from above without a budget is finding a room with a tub that's connected to plumbing, with enough room above the tub to shoot without using a super wide lens. In the end, I had to set up lights and the camera in my mothers guest bathroom