Erica Nockalls

Glass cage



Final editorial composite

I'm a Sci-Fi nut, I'll admit that and the depiction of robotics and cybernetics have always been something I've been fascinated with. Capturing that within art is tricky though, in my opinion. It's the difference between Bicentennial Man (Robin Williams, 1999) and Ex-Machina (Alicia Vikander, 2014), the difference between the Aerosmith album cover 'Just Press Play' (cheese) and the Chris Cunningham's music video for Bjork's 'All is Full of Love' (genius).


studio A

The shoot that inspired this project was actually unrelated to it. These shots we only supposed to support the editorial press campaign for her debut album 'Iminant Room' 


Studio C out-take

A moment of candid composure. I love that shape of this image. As a photographer, I'm always looking for moments of vulnerability within the subject - there is something compelling about that and this image gave me that.