Alan Moore

The possibility of life on another world

Front Cover

Dodgem logic

These images were created to accompany a short story written by world famous writer Alan Moore for his Underground magazine Dodgem Logic. 'The Possibility of Life on Another World' was a wonderful project for me and jumped started the artistic direction that I am now traveling. I worked on this project with my close colleagues, Gavin Wallace and Alix Wallace (brothers) and together we won ‘Best Digital Art’ at the LICC Awards for our work on this project.

The image above, a with all the images in the set, was carefully constructed from a number of photographic sources before we added layer upon layer of matt painting to degrade and age the surrounding territory.

A Place To Hide

This image (above) had the least amount of digital matte painting but the colour grading was extensive, as I had to transform the scene from the daylight it shot in, to the night time the story called for. The painting was almost entirely a re-lighting procedure.

This Must Be The Place

Of all of the images that we contributed to Alan's story, this is the piece I'm most proud of. If you place the original photograph of the house next to the final comp, you get a sense of how much detail work went into the final image. 

There are so many techniques that went into this, but one I remember feeling quite excited by, was the technique I employed to add the climbing ivy on the front of the brick work. I took a few photographs of ivy leaves outside a wall in front of Alan Moores home in Northampton, masked them and built a few photoshop brushes from those photos. I used these brushes to literally paint on the plant to the outside of the house in this shot.  


Orginal house photo


original daylight comp